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A housing Loan in Delhi is dedicated to receiving funds in order to purchase a house/flat, construct a house, renovate/repair an existing house, or purchase a plot for the construction of a house/flats.

In this case, the loan against the property will be held by the lender and the ownership will be transferred to the rightful owner upon completion of repayments.

Housing Loan in Delhi

The advice given by different social workers has three distinct categories according to their final motives: 1)

to prevent misuse of the lands or 4) to put pressure on elected representatives to stop the sale of lands by title deeds, on the basis of multiple documents.

Funds have been allocated by the DDA to establish them.

They are by definition, title deeds. If that is the definition to which you want the money then you should deal with a dispute settlement center as per the procedures laid down by the office of the DDA.

The case matter should have been settled by the court in Delhi High Court. The appeal dismissed at the Central High Court office (PV No. 3 of the DDA case No. 178/2015)

and moved in the Supreme Court (PV No. 36/2016) because of the concern by the Centre that the DDA case itself did not involve land sales. It is, therefore, like the State of Maharashtra

(SSFC No. 207/2017), where the ruling of the Bombay High Court was in concurrence with the judgment of the Central High Court as befits the same case and of the Central High Court judgment too.

In those other two cases, the Claimants not complaining of the violation of their title deeds approached the Supreme Court again by making themselves notice before the SC for

initial proceeding and subsequent contempt of the High Court order. The appeal was ordered to be dismissed at the HC order.

The SC also dismissed the appeal of the Pune University against the order of the Bombay High Court.

Housing loan in Delhi NCR

This case concerned the “Issue” before the SC as to whether public-benefitting buildings are the construction of residential flats which had been declared as “ educational establishment”

in section 36 A of the Right to Education Act (2012) and whether English medium of learning for children to advance to 10th class was needed for English medium of learning.

The SC, while dismissing the appeal at the HC order, had said that the High Court did not have any jurisdiction to entertain the “issue” before it.

While viewing it, the HC held as follows that a school is an educational establishment of the State,

but not a government college which is a subject matter of the DDA Act so the question of title deeds was now to be heard by the DDA.

Unfortunately, there is not much this Court can do. Even though a property is declared as a non-trust property

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by incorporation orders and this act requires a 100% grant by the Government of India, registration of the properties are completed by the government departments concerned.

There is one clear constraint which comes from the Income Tax Act which prohibits long-term house sales through Titles of Tenancy, which, when challenged in the High Court, the High Court has observed as follows:

“Now, while we are in the business of judging, we are not in the business of adjudicating. Therefore, we, too, have to admit that we do not have powers to interfere in a property sale.”

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